Native Trees & Shrubs that Benefit Wildlife

"Native trees, shrubs, and vines are the key to successful backyard habitats, offering critical food and cover to our wildlife.  Native vegetation  will thrive with the least amount of care. Non-native ornamentals require a great deal of care (watering, chemicals for insect pests, fertilizing) and tend not to thrive as readily as native vegetation.  This should be a prime consideration with successive drought years and water shortage problems.  Many non-native ornamentals have no food value to our wildlife.  Be sure to include native evergreens, key in providing cover year-round (safe refuge from predators and bad weather, safe nesting sites, and a safe place to roost through the night)." 

Read the rest of the article and view the extensive plant list, compiled by Patricia Sutton here. 

More information is available on the NJ DEP website.