Mountain Lakes House

Overlooking a lake, surrounded by forest, Mountain Lakes House stands at the end of a long driveway extending in to Mountain Lakes Nature Preserve from 57 Mountain Avenue in Princeton.

Since 1987, FOPOS has maintained and operated the Mountain Lakes House via a separate nonprofit corporation, Mountain Lakes Holding Corporation.  The house is located in the heart of this park, and both are owned by Princeton Township. Revenues from renting the house for weddings and other events provide for house maintenance, with any surplus funds going to support open-space purchases. The house now has a new, permanent roof over the patio.

In recent years, FOPOS  and the Mountain Lakes Holding Corporation worked to transform the House’s landscaping from a mixture of invasive and non-invasive exotic species to native plants. Today, the House is landscaped with rhododendrons, spireas, witch hazels, and several other native species that offer food and habitat to pollinators, birds, and other wildlife. FOPOS also installed a beautiful rain garden just north of the house.

For information on renting the Mountain Lakes House for your event, please visit