Janssen Cares Volunteer Day

Volunteers from Janssen Pharmaceuticals pulled on their work gloves and hefted trimmers, loppers, and chain saws to work with members of Friends of Princeton Open Space (FOPOS) recently. Their task was to get a start on ridding the area along the driveway of the Billy Johnson Mountain Lakes Nature Preserve in Princeton of some stubborn invasive species.  


After a quick lesson by FOPOS Natural Resource Manager, Jeff Geist, in identifying the most prevalent invasives, (honeysuckle, grapevine, porcelain berry, and multiflora rose), the eight Janssen personnel enthusiastically tackled their assignment, undeterred by poison ivy and two areas of ground-nesting yellow jacket wasps.  In record time 250 linear feet on both sides of the driveway had been cleared.

Clark Lennon, FOPOS board member and supervisor of the day’s work, said he was impressed by the Janssen crew.  “I never thought we would get this much accomplished in just a few hours”, he said.  “They worked really hard and did a great job.”

FOPOS plans to remove invasive species along the full half-mile length of the driveway into the Nature Preserve with the help of volunteers and board members. This work complements the 18 acre forest restoration project on the west side of Mountain Lake which FOPOS has also undertaken.


Friends of Princeton Open Space is always interested in partnering with corporate groups who are looking for volunteer opportunities.  For more information, contact us at www.fopos.org.