Friends of Princeton Open Space Annual Meeting

What We Need to Know About Our Changing Climate

Sunday, April 23 at 3:00 P.M.
Mountain Lakes House
57 Mountain Avenue, Princeton, NJ
RSVP by April 17, 2017 to: or (609) 921-2772

Do you have questions about the impact of our changing climate? Wondering how to get through the hype to the facts? Kathleen Biggins, journalist and co-founder of C-Change Conversations, will address these questions at the annual meeting of the Friends of Princeton Open Space (FOPOS) on Sunday, April 23, at 3 pm at Mountain Lakes House, 57 Mountain Avenue, Princeton. Her talk, “What We Need to Know About Our Changing Climate,” is a concise, nonpartisan, scientifically based presentation created to answer the five questions that the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication says are held by Americans across the political spectrum: How do we know it's real? How do we know it is us? What do scientists think? What are the dangers? And, is there hope we can address it?

Biggins's presentation is a primer on climate change that was created by C-Change Conversations, a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to promoting informed discussion around climate change and its impacts. The goal is to provide a clear and accessible overview of the sciencebehind climate change and a clear eyed assessment of potential risks ahead. Founded in 2014, C-Change Conversations separates the dialogue about climate change from the political edges — it is designed to encourage everyone to understand and care about this issue.

Refreshments will be served.

Guest Speaker Kathleen Biggins

Guest Speaker Kathleen Biggins