Have you seen these species in the Princeton Ridge?

Your help is needed to protect high value wetlands and wildlife habitat surrounding the Williams natural gas pipeline expansion project. Please be alert and report any sightings of these species in the Princeton Ridge to info@fopos.org. Include photos whenever possible.

Click here for a map of the Princeton Ridge Conservation Area.

Wood Turtle – Threatened

Wood turtles are found in and around rivers and streams that occur within forests or meadows. During March, they emerge from hibernation and bask along stream banks. Wood turtles mate in the water during April and move to dry land by mid-May.

Red-shouldered Hawk – Endangered

Red-shouldered hawks are year-round residents of New Jersey, found in forested wetlands. In late March and early April, males can be seen flying in circles around their nesting territories, calling repeatedly with feathers fanned out, as part of a courtship display.

Red Headed Woodpecker – Threatened

Red-headed woodpeckers are year-round residents of NJ. They are found in forested areas that contain dead or dying trees and sparse undergrowth. Red-headed woodpeckers can be seen hunting insects in flight or on the ground, in addition to the typical woodpecker method of hammering through trees.

Barred Owl – Threatened

The barred owl is a year-round resident of NJ’s mature forested wetlands. They are most vocal during their courtship from February to mid-April, with peak vocal activity occurring in March. They may call at night or during the day. The barred owl’s call is most commonly represented as “who cooks for you, who cooks for you all”.