Rider University Students Celebrate MLK Day of Service with FOPOS

In honor of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, a group of 15 volunteers from Rider University’s Athletic Department joined Friends of Princeton Open Space to help with land stewardship in John Witherspoon Woods.

A group of 4 students, led by FOPOS Board Member, Clark Lennon, carried lumber and installed much-needed boardwalk across three sections of the area’s muddiest trails. The additional 40 plus feet of boardwalk helps ensure year-round access to this beautiful wooded wetland.

Meanwhile, the remaining volunteers helped FOPOS’ Naturalist restore the wetland’s plant communities. They eradicated hundreds of invasive vines and shrubs, including Japanese barberry, multiflora rose, and Oriental bittersweet. The volunteers’ hard work has helped improve John Witherspoon Woods for all its visitors- people and wildlife, alike!

A big THANK YOU to the Rider University students for all of their help!

If you or your group would like to volunteer outdoors with Friends of Princeton Open Space, please contact us at info@fopos.org!